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    Steve Kilts

    Steve Kilts


    Steve Kilts is a cofounder and CEO of Radio Bridge Inc. Prior to his current position, Steve was a cofounder and member of the senior leadership team at several technology start-ups and grew them from their origin through profitability with 50+ employees. Steve has experience growing companies that manufacture hardware devices, provide design services, and sell subscription based web services in the technology and financial industries. Steve has a masters degree in electrical engineering with an emphasis in high speed computing. He has been published in Neural Networks Magazine for his work on machine learning and has written a book on high speed reconfigurable computing entitled "Advanced FPGA Design." Over the last 20 years Steve has designed computing and control systems that address every layer of abstraction from custom computer chips and custom hardware to high level software applications.

    Mike Fette

    Mike Fette


    Mike Fette is a co-founder and CTO of Radio Bridge Inc. Mike holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on high speed computing and digital signal processing. Throughout his career, Mike has lead several advanced engineering teams and has also held the position of Chief Technology Officer for three high tech companies. Mike has designed and architected over 400 electronic system designs including many RF, DSP, FPGA and x86 based systems. Mike has extensive RF experience where he has designed custom modulation and payload protocols, many radio chip and module based systems, antenna integration/tuning and custom antenna designs. He has also taught classes in high speed computing, Digital Signal Processing algorithm optimization, FPGA design and Real Time Operating Systems for companies including Altera, Texas Instruments and Microsoft.

    Caroline Howell

    Caroline Howell

    VP of Corporate Development

    Caroline has spent her career in financial services and business development. In addition to Radio Bridge, Caroline runs Lignin Growth Partners, a corporate development and growth consulting firm. She specializes in acquisition targeting, new business channel development, partnership management, and capital formation. Caroline has helped many companies develop and execute on high growth plans by securing the resources necessary for success.



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